How to Cut and Style Your Tees for an Edgier Look

DIY Fashion

We've all been there before, ordered a tee that was a bit too big. Or, it doesn't look the way we imagine it. No worries, there is a quick and cute fix that will add more style and a unique look that you can call your own. This technique is perfect for old tees you have laying around since high school too!

Try out these 5 cute looks for yourself:

  • The Overall Distressed Cut with Cap Sleeves By Lauren Adhav from Cosmopolitan (Any tee)
    • See website for more detail (
    1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface.
    2. By the armpit of the sleeve, use your scissors to cut a diagonal line to the right, going through both the front and back of the fabric. 
    3. Once the piece comes off, line up with the sleeve on the other side, so you can make sure they'll be pretty symmetrical. Follow the pattern with your scissors to cap the other sleeve. 
    4. To make the generally distressed areas, there are a few creative ways you can achieve that look depending on the tools you already have. You can use either a cheese grater, sandpaper, scissors & pumice stone, or razor. (I found using the scissors & pumice stone had better results).
  • Tank Top to Crossing Top (Scoop Neck tees or tanks)
    • See website for more detail (

      1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface with the back facing you.
      2. Next, you're going to eye how much of the back only, you want to cut out. Ideally start cutting 3-4 inches under the armpit on the back of the tee. Once you're down, you should have a large rectangle cut out in the back that takes up 2/3 of your shirt. 
      3. Now turn the tee over and start cutting from the bottom center of the tee to the collar (see image for how your tee should look).
      4. Next, cross the two flaps you've created to check whether it is even. 
      5. Now try on your revamped tee and tie the flaps in the back after crossing them. Feel free to style this with a shaw. 
    • Open Back with Tie Tee By WobiSoBi (Any Tee)
      • See website for more detail (

      1. Lay your tee on a flat surface.
      2. Cut the collar off.
      3. Turn the tee over and cut off the bottom, leaving a triangle in the center in the back.
      4. From the bottom center on the triangle you created, start cutting a straight line until you get 4-5 inches away from the collar. You can eye how high you want the cut to be. 
    • Simple Crop Top

      1. Lay tee on a flat surface facing you.
      2. From the center or desired area near the center cut the bottom half of the tee off.
      3. (Optional) You could cut the cuffs and bottom in a wavy motion to add a 90s frigid look.
      4. (Optional) add distressed holes on the shoulders and/or bottom of the tee using the techniques explained earlier.
    •   Front Tie Cropped Tank from Tomboy Vintage (Fitted or Regular Tee)
      1. Lay tee on flat surface.
      2. Cut off the sleeves and collar.
      3. Cut off the bottom, leaving a triangle in the center in the front of the tee. (similar to step 3 in the open back look)

      All looks provided have websites they've originated from so you can get more ideas and detail for your DIY. Happy cutting!

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